dishwasher flow heater

Flow-Heater-393-877953-001E Dishwasher Flow Heater

Product Code: 393-877953-001


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Additional Information

Voltage (V)

230V AC

Thermostat Type

Built in Cut-out thermostat temperature 98°C and fuse temperature 229°C


32mm Outer, 30.5mm Inner Diameter

Applications Include

Dishwasher, Flow Heating Applications

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FAQs for Flow-Heater-393-877953-001E

Q: hi will this fit a kenwood KDW12SL3A ???

A: Hi Pennie, Thank you for your question, from the specification and the images I would say yes it should be fine, but as we don't keep information relating to other manufactures we wouldn't be able to give you a 100% answer, Thanks Phil.

Q: Hi. I want to check that this heater is the right one for my dishwasher model, which is a KDW45X10 (it's a slimline model). Thanks, Luke - 07785 546666

A: Morning Luke, Thank you for your question, unfortunately we wouldn't have individual specifications for dishwashers, you would need to go to the OEM, Thanks Phil.

Q: Will this fit Caple Dishwasher Di465

A: Morning Nigel, thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately we wouldn't have the specifications of other manufacturers, apologies, Regards, Phil.

Q: Me again. My dishwasher is a Kenwood KDW 60X13.

A: Morning Martin, Thank you for your question, but we wouldn't know what element is in your Kenwood KDW 60X13, this isn't information they would share with us, Kind Regards, Phil

Q: will the Flow-Heater-393-877953-001E fit the Currys Essentials CDW60W13 ?

A: Morning Alan, Unfortunately we wouldn't know other manufacturers specifications for their heaters, you would need to find out the information and cross reference it with ours, Kind Regards, Phil,

Q: I suspect the heater in my integrated dishwasher (B&Q model DW009) is faulty and needs replaced. My heater looks exactly like the one in your photo (flow heater 393-877953-001E), however the number on the side of mine is 393-877953-001 (no E). What does the 'E' stand for? Also is there any way to check it with a digital multimeter to see if it is faulty? If so, how do you do it? Ohms resistance test on the lower two electrical points? What readings should i expect if its faulty/operating? (Sorry I'm pretty new at this multimeter business). Cheers, Gavin

A: Afternoon Gavin, we wouldn't know what the difference is on the "E" as we aren't the original manufacturer, apologies, In terms of the multi-meter I would strongly suggest that you get a qualified electrician to look at it, as we wouldn't feel comfortable about giving you technical advice in case something went wrong or you inadvertently hurt yourself , Kind Regards, Phil.

Q: I have the CDW60W10 dishwasher, will this heater work with it?

A: Afternoon Tony, thank you for your question, we wouldn't have technical information relating to other manufacturers unfortunately, you would need to look at the spec the flow heaters and see if it can be cross referenced, Kind Regards, Phil.

Q: Hi, I need a replacement Flow-Heater-393-877953-001 and your website says that you are out of stock. Could you give me any indication when it would be back in stock and when you would be able to deliver me the part should I order it? Thanks, James

A: Afternoon James, we now have these in stock, if you order before 2pm we can get them to you on a next day delivery, Regards, Phil.