Sunvic VKL2301 Sunvic VKL2301

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Single Function Rod / Stem Thermostat with adjustable operating trip.

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16 Amp Single Phase Rod / Stem Thermostat


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FAQs for Sunvic VKL2301

Q: Hi, is this 240v it doesn't specify. Item Sunvic VKL2301

A: Thanks for the question. Yes it is 240V.

Q: Is this thermostat suitable for an unvented heater ?

A: Hi Jason, Thanks for your question, yes you should be fine with the VKL2301, Thanks Phil.


Hi - I installed one of these recently and it keeps tripping on the safety every couple of days. The device is 16A which is higher than the fuse, which isn't tripping. Water temp only set to 55 Degrees. Could the new part be faulty? I'm not sure what the common reasons for the safety to go on he thermostat are.


A: Hi The VKL2301 is a control stat which doesn't have a safety cut out this thermostat would not cut out. There should be another thermostat in the heater which will be the safety cut out. Is there a part number on the safety thermostat and is there a temperature setting?