Thermowatt RTS-3 181316 (red dial) Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat

Product Code: ST-301

Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat from the RTS3 range with adjustable trip and safety cut-out. Both functional and safety cut-out are bi-polar with bimetallic disc. This unit unit is depicted by a red adjustment dial

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Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Preset Temp

65°C Max Op Trip, 75°C Safety

Length Inches


Thermostat Type

Single Phase Rod / Stem Thermostat


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FAQs for Thermowatt RTS-3 181316 (red dial)

Q: Hello there, Do you send these items to Australia. If you do, can you advise the trade price for 25 units including Airmail for delivery to Australia. Regards, Tony Pikus, Sun-Ray Qld


A: Afternoon Tony, Thank you for your enquiry, will you please send your full address to so we can accurately quote carriage costs, Kind regards, Phil.

— Phil Roberts

Q: Hi I wonder if you could advise me , my thermostat is approximately 7 years old, looks exactly the same but has a blue instead of red , is this a cosmetic change or is the colour change significant ? Many thanks for your help with this query 😃


A: Morning Malcolm, thank you for your enquiry, we do have the ST-305 which looks the same as the ST-301 but with a red dial and a slightly higher cut out, please go to for more information, Regards, Phil.

— Phil Roberts

Q: silly question. From your picture,which way do you turn the red switch to increase the temp.


A: Afternoon John, You turn the dial right, towards the plus sign, regards, Phil.

— Phil Roberts

Q: which immersion element will these fit into please, I need to replace the element and all I have to go by is the fact that it uses these. It is a 4kw and the thread on the element looks to be around 90mm


A: Afternoon James, it would fit in almost any of our elements with an 11" stat pocket in it, it would be best to give us a ring and we can find an alternative, Regards, Phil.

— Phil Roberts




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