82514CT 3kW 14" Immersion Heater

Product Code: 82514CT

Product Information


Key features

– For use in water, in domestic applications
– Single thermostat pocket

Technical data

– Material: Incoloy 800
– Loading: 3kW
– Element diameter: 8mm
– Head size (BSP): 2 ¼”
– Temperature range: Preset temp. 60°C
– Voltage: 240V 1-Phase
– Supplied with thermostat


This is a 3kW, 14inch Incoloy 800 Immersion Heater complete with operating rod thermostat (SS7) and separate safety manual reset cut-out. Installed products will carry the Shel-Nibe brand which is part of the Nibe group to which both Shel and Heatrod both belong. The 82514CT can be used in all standard domestic water areas including increased use in hard water areas susceptible to limescale. If particularly aggressive water conditions are present or the duty/usage is higher than normal then we would recommend a titanium element version which can be priced and manufactured on request.

Installation Instructions for 82514CT can be found here.

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Q: Am after a domestic immersion heater element. Old one has therm tech sticker on. Thread size is just below normal 2.25 fitting. Can you advise please? Approx 16 inch bent over element.
— Asked by gareth smith on October 20, 2014
A: Part No. 82514CT is a 2.25" BSP Head, if it is smaller then it is generally going to be either 2" or 1.75" BSP. I would require an exact size to be able to offer a part number.
Q: It's smaller than 2.25 standard size. But not by a lot so I'm guessing 2.
— Asked by gareth smith on October 20, 2014
A: We don't do any in incoloy825 but we could offer either a BESTB 335 which is a 2" BSP 3kW 14" immersion heater with an Incoloy800 Sheath, generally if it is Incoloy825 the water area is aggressive so you would be better with a BESZB 335 which is a 2" BSP 3kW 14" immersion heater with a Titanium sheath. Both are currently out of stock and would be on a lead time of around 2-3 weeks.
Q: Again domestic immersion with smaller thread than 2.25. So approx 2.0. And approx 16 inch long but bent over.
— Asked by gareth smith on October 21, 2014
A: For 16" the part number would be BESTB 340 for 2" BSP 3kW 16" immersion Inc800, and BESZB 340 for 2" BSP 3kW 16" immersion Titanium.
Q: Can you recommend any immersion heaters for direct unvented cylinders in hard water areas. Thanks
— Asked by Matt on November 24, 2016
A: Morning Matt, Thank you for your question, the 825 would be good for hard water, but I would recommend a titanium, as not only are they designed for hard water but you get extra warranty with it, Kind Regards, Phil.

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