AESTB335 2¼" BSP 3kw 14" Immersion Heater

Product Code: SH314A-AA1BA1

This is a 3kw, 14inch immersed length AESTB335 Incoloy Immersion Heater complete with combined (operating & safety cut-out) plug-in thermostat and is typically used within standard unvented domestic water cylinders.. Installed products will often carry the ThermTec brand which is owned and manufactured exclusively by Heatrod Elements in Manchester. The AESTB 335 can be used in all standard domestic water areas including normal use in hard water areas susceptible to limescale. If particularly aggressive water conditions are present or the duty/usage is higher than normal then we would recommend an equivalent product with titanium element which is the AESZB340.

This immersion heater is most commonly fitted with Cotherm TSE00187,
Diamond-H WTS, TSR00014 and Thermowatt RTS-3 dual function thermostats
See our “Thermostats & Controls” section for more details and to purchase these products.

The AESTB-335 is designed to meet European Standards EN 60335-2-73:2003 +A1:06 + A2:09 used with EN 60335-1:2012 for the safety of electrical appliances that heat liquids for household and similar purposes. Testing has been carried out and the product approved by NEMKO – certificate available on request

Installation Instructions for AESTB335 can be found here.




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CESTB 335, AESTB 335, BESTB 335, DESTB 335

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