Braude Levelmaster Controller Only Liquid level controller only  

Product Code: LCB240V


The Braude Levelmaster level controller to IP 65


Product Information


Key features

– Low level heater protection
– Suitable for most aqueous or conductive solutions
– Suitable for any vessel: steel, polymer or fiberglass
– High level to switch pumps on/off
– High sensitivity version available for deionised water
– High level only, low level only or dual operation
– Low voltage AC detection circuit (no plating build up)
– Easy setting of control height
– HPD version available for use with Polaris heaters


Technical data

– 240V or 110V mains operation
– Sealed to IP65

Download a datasheet here:  SL059-06 Braudemaster Controllers
The Levelmaster is a liquid level controller utilising exclusive Braude technology to provide a high and low control of liquid level.  It enables heaters or pumps to be switched on or off at the high and low points as required.

The technology using an optimised ac wave operating at very low voltage to enable the switching and is completely resistant to stray currents so is ideal for use in plating environment.  The Braude level probe is robust, deposit resistant  and completely non corrodible.

The controller operates on 240V as  standard, 110V available by special order contact our sales office.





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Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Voltage (V)

Controller leads

The controller is supplied with 1m long input and output flying leads

Controller dimensions

125mm x 125mm x 75mm high

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