Braude Self Priming Chemical Pump 415V three phase motor with either metallic or non-metallic seal  

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Product Information


Key features

– Integral Self priming chamber
– Lightweight and robust
– Corrosion and stain resistant
– High efficiency closed impeller
– Choice of mechanical seals to suit application
– Easy maintenance
– Leak proof union connections with adaptors available for existing BSP


Technical data

– Operating temperature up to 100°C
– High flow rate – up to 35m³/Hr


Braude self priming pumps are manufactured from robust polymers, and have an integral self priming chamber and a choice of non metallic or stainless steel seals.

Braude pumps have an integral self priming chamber which when filled will allow the pump to lift from a height of approximately 4m.  This makes the pump ideal for emptying tanks below ground level such as a settlement tank.

The pumps provide operating heads up to 17m and suction lift up to 4m. A choice of mechanical seals is available: the Braude non metallic seal with its unique viton bellows, for chemical service, or stainless steel for less arduous applications.

Six motor sizes are available from 0.25kW to 1.5kW, all are rated to IP55 giving flow rates up to 30 M3/hr.  All pumps are supplied with clear installation instructions, and Braude technical staff are always available to offer advice.


Datasheets, installation instructions and chemical charts can be downloaded from our website here.

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Additional information

Pump Materials

PP Heavy Duty Lid, Rigid chemically resistant polymer, Viton 'O' rings

Pump Motor Power

0.25kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 0.8A, 0.37kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 1.0A, 0.55kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 1.1A, 0.75kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 1.8A, 1.12kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 2.4A, 1.5kW 415V 3phase motor, 2800 rpm, rated 3.4A

Pump Dimensions

548mm long x 198mm wide x 295mm high, Connections 63mm inlet 63mm outlet union fittings



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