Braude Thermaster Controller complete with probe Thermostatic controller supplied with acidproof probe  

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The Braude Thermaster thermostatic controller to IP 65  is supplied complete with an acidproof 0.5m long probe and 2m lead.



Product Information


Key features

– Acidproof
– Permanent clear display of solution temperature
– Simple set point adjustment
– Easy to calibrate
– PT100 sensor, no capillary or compensating cable, no moving parts.


Technical data

– Range -10°C to +110°C, ±1°C accuracy
– Relay operation: 2 or 3 wire output, break on rise (std) or make on rise*
– “Heater on” display
– “Probe fault” indication


Download a datasheet here:  SL059-06 Braudemaster Controllers

The Thermaster is a fully automatic temperature controller which will operate without attention once set up. Supplied complete with 0·5m acidproof probe length with a 2m lead as standard, with longer lengths available to order. The enclosure is designed for surface mount making it suitable for operation at the point of use and is completely moisture proof sealed to IP65. It has a large clear display.

The controller operates on 240V as  standard, 110V available.

Probes are fully non-corrodable, deposit resistant and virtually unbreakable.  T

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