CESZB340 3kw Titanium Heavy Duty Domestic Immersion Heater

Product Code: SH314C-CA1CA1

Product Information


Key features

– For use in water, in domestic applications in hardwater areas susceptible to limescale
– Single thermostat pocket
– Large range of thermostats available

Technical data

– Material: Titanium
– Loading: 3kW
– Element diameter: 8mm
– Head size (BSP): 1 ¾”
– Temperature range: 70°C Max Op Trip, 80°C Safety (depends on fitted thermostat)
– Voltage: 240V 1-Phase
– Supplied with thermostat

NEW! – This is a 3kw, 1.75″ BSP, 15inch immersed length CESZB 340 Titanium Heavy Duty Immersion Heater complete with combined (operating & safety cut-out) plug-in thermostat and is typically used within standard unvented domestic water cylinders. Our new design of Titanium Domestic Immersion Heater is engineered with a longer Low Watts Density element which along with it’s titanium sheath is designed to give a higher resistance to limescale attack particularly in Hardwater areas. This design of titanium domestic immersion will provide a prolonged operational life than standard Incoloy sheathed immersions in more aggressive applications with abnormal water chemistry such as Borehole supplies.

Installed products will often carry the ThermTec brand which is owned and manufactured by Heatrod. The CESZB340 can be used in all standard domestic water areas and is particularly designed for installation in hard water areas susceptible to limescale.

Both Cotherm TSE00187 and Thermowatt RTS-3 dual function thermostats can be used with this immersion heater – see our “Thermostats & Controls” section for more details and to purchase these products.

Installation Instructions for CESZB340 can be found here.


How to Measure the BSP Thread size of your Immersion Heater:

Once you have measured the thread, use the table below to select the correct BSP size:



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Sheath Material

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Q: I have previously ordered some of these from you and require more. As I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands, you credited back the VAT on my online purchase. What is your preferred way for me to buy?
— Asked by Andy Linehan, Aquatherm Ltd on August 10, 2015
A: Thank you for your question Andy, I would advise you contact us via phone so we can take your order over the phone, that way we can ensure no VAT is charged, thanks Phil.
Q: Does this include a thermostat as standard, if so which one? Or does the thermostat have to be purchased separately?
— Asked by Alex Gray on December 14, 2015
A: Morning, thank you for your question, it does come with a stat, which is a ST-255, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Hi, is there a 14" version of this product?
— Asked by Mark Millard on February 8, 2016
A: Afternoon Mark, thank you for your question, there is a 14" version, it would be a CESZB-335, It would be the same price and we would need to make it up, please ring or e-mail if you wish to order, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Can you supply the CESZB340 with a 2 inch BSP thread?
— Asked by Steve Hyams on June 1, 2016
A: Morning Steve, Yes we do, it would be a AESZB340, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Hi, is the thermostat pocket also titanium?
— Asked by Graham Flack on August 25, 2016
A: Afternoon Graham, Thank you for your question, the stat pockets wouldn't be titanium no, they would be steel or Inc, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Which is the standard size (thread) that fits most domestic hot water cylinders?
— Asked by David Patterson on October 2, 2020
A: This depends on whether they are vented or unvented. Most vented cylinders will be 2.25" BSP, Whereas most unvented cylinders will be 1.75" BSP. This may change dependent on manufacturer.
— http://Hayley%20Ashford

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