Cotherm TSE00187 Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat

Product Code: ST-255

Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat with adjustable trip and safety cut-out. Functional switching is achieved via single pole stem control and safety cut-off is via a double pole bimetallic safety limiter. The Cotherm TSE00187 thermostat is CE marked and approved to EN 60730.

Most commonly installed in immersion heaters fitted to Telford Tornado, Telford Tempest, R M Cylinders Stelflow, Kingspan (Range) Tribune, Joule Cyclone, Warmflow cylinders / tanks.


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Q: Is the Cotherm TSE00187 shown suitable for a Heatrae Sadia Megaflo? I have one showing "T115" to replace
— Asked by Nigel on October 20, 2014
A: Hi, The TSE is not suitable for the Megaflow as they sense temperature form a different part of the stem, you would require a TSR00014, these are not available online. Only by phone.
Q: Hi, I need to replace a stem thermostat with TSE T115 marked on it. I can't find this product anywhere. Could you advise a suitable alternative please? Many thanks, Steve
— Asked by Steve Wakeham on January 12, 2015
A: Hi Steve, Thanks for your question, the T115 mark is the temperature rating that the plastic body can withstand. There should also be a part number marked on the body which is printed on. For Example the TSE00187 above has 00187 printed on the side.
Q: Hello there, I have got a thermostat which is faulty and need be replaced. Type : TSE COTHERM T115 16A 250V AC On the side is printed: 099 4807. The length of the rod is 263mm Do you know what I am looking for? If yes, please let me know the price and how I can order that? and what is a delivery time? Thank you Andrej
— Asked by Andrej on April 9, 2015
A: Hi Adrej, Is the thermostat you have turquoise with a red dial? If so, it will be TSE00187, the rod length is 263mm. £14.40 each, plus carriage of £12.00 for next day or £3.99 postage 2-3 days. This can be ordered through the webshop. If you need any further help, please contact us. Regards, Doug
Q: Hi We need two of the Cotherm TSE00187 thermostats but the ones we are replacing are a turquoise colour with a red dial. The image shown on your page is different. Could you please confirm that this product is one and the same? Thanks,
— Asked by Jackie Murray on April 24, 2015
A: Thank you for your question. I can confirm it is the correct one, the one supplied would be turquoise body with a red dial. The image is just generic and is used for all TSE models.
Q: Can you supply an 11in rod and thermostat with an 1 1/4in BSP (inch and a quarter) thread please?
— Asked by John Wright on August 25, 2015
A: Hi John, Thank you for your question, I would advise a EESTB 327, please give us a ring to order this as it would be specially made for you, Thanks, Phil.
Q: Hi, we're looking for an immersion heater with thermostatic control to heat 100L of water to 80 degrees celcius, if you could let me know whether you have any items to meet this specification that would be great. Many thanks, Will Topliss
— Asked by William Topliss on September 1, 2015
A: Hi William, Thanks for your question, Is this for domestic or commercial use? Also do you know the thread size and the immersed length? if you need any help, just give us a ring, thanks, Phil.
Q: Dear Sirs, l need to replace my Cotherm TSE 00187 Thermostat,does this item come with instructions on how to remove/replace,and will l need to drain my Tank down. yours Faithfully A.D.Breeze
— Asked by Anthony Breeze on October 26, 2015
A: Afternoon Anthony, Thank you for your inquiry, this information is on our technical FAQ's page ( at the top, along with step by step guides, if you have any further questions please give out technical department a ring, Regards, Phil.
Q: Hi Guys Got a Dimplex SCx 150D Boiler with a Cotherm T115 16A Thermostat, Its is turquoise in colour with a red dial but the number on side reads 4907 Is the Cotherm TSE00187 compatable? Regards Michael
— Asked by Michael on November 5, 2015
A: Morning Michael, thank you for your enquiry, Could you possibly send a picture to and we can be 100%, Kind Regards, Phil.
— Asked by SEAMUS on November 10, 2015
A: Hi Seamus We can supply and stock heaters that are suitable for the TSE00187 but I would need the spec of the Immersion Thread size? Immersed length? Wattage? Voltage? Thanks Mark
Q: I have coil (263mm) turquoise capped with red dial that says COTHERM Type: TSE T115 16A 250V. On the side it has printed no.s 27 07 Is this coil the same as the one advertised here? Thank you.
— Asked by saeefar on January 28, 2016
A: Morning Saeefar, TSE is the model range, T115 is the max temp of the plastic, 16amp, 250V and the 27/07 is the date of manufacture, we would need the full model if it is a ST-255, it will be a TSE00187, it sounds like you have an ST-255, if you could send a picture to and we will try and distinguish what stat you have. thanks Phil.
Q: looking to replace cotherm type tse t115 16a 250 v is this the same? why is no t115 listed?
— Asked by david on February 1, 2016
A: Afternoon David, T115 is the melting range of the plastic body, not the model of the thermostat, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: looking to replace cotherm type tse t115 16a 250 v is this the same? why is no t115 listed?
— Asked by david on February 2, 2016
A: You would require the part number for the TSE, the T115 is just the maximum temperature for the plastic. The part code will be printed on the side of the thermostat. It will look something like TSE 00187.
Q: Is the Cotherm ST-255 a direct replacement for a RTS-3 181316 thermostat? The immersion heater is a CESTB-340. Also, I cant see the reset on the RTS which is fitted but is this automatic or can it be manually reset?
— Asked by Les Carrington on February 8, 2016
A: Afternoon Les, The RTS-3 (ST-301) is different to the ST-255, We fit the ST-255 into the CESTB-340's now, the ST-301 has an automatic cutout to which you would need to pop the reset back in, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: approximately what temperatures do the numbers on the thermostats equate
— Asked by David Westley on March 1, 2016
A: Morning David, thank you for your question, it's answered in our FAQ section - 1 = 10°C, 2 = 25°C, 3 = 40°C, 4 = 55°C & 5 = 70°C, hope this helps, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Hello there im trying to order a TSH211 thermostat but i am being told by my supplier they do reconigise this no,has it been replaced. Thanks. Vince
— Asked by vince beller on May 16, 2016
A: Afternoon Vince, unfortunately this isn't something we recognize, if you have a picture, stats and temp ranges, I'm sure we can work something out for you, please e-mail,, thanks Phil.
Q: Hi, I need to replace a Cotherm TSE T115 with 144 1605 on the side. Will the TSE00187 work? Thanks Brian
— Asked by Brian on May 26, 2016
A: Afternoon Brian, Thank you for your question, T115 is the melting range of the plastic, if you could send a picture to us at and we will try and identify it, Regards, Phil.
Q: I have a two year old CESTB 340 immersion heater with COTHERM TSE00187 thermostat. The immersion has stopped working. I tried pressing the reset button on the top of the thermostat housing, but this has made no difference. (By the way, I got no sense of 'click' when I pressed the button - is that normal?). How do I determine what the fault is or whether to replace the immersion heater or thermostat or both?
— Asked by Jonathan on August 22, 2016
A: Morning Jonathan, thank you for your question, It sounds like your thermostat has broke, normally you wouldn't get any resistance if it was the element, You can buy the thermostats from us using code ST-255, If you have any issues please call 0161 727 3713, Regards, Phil.
Q: looking for a cotherm type tse 099 1509 written on the side but i cannot find on your web site ? how do i order or do i need a different type ? the top is red and is 263mm long t115 16a 250v
— Asked by ian gardiner on July 28, 2016
A: Afternoon Ian, Thank you for your enquiry, could you possibly send a picture of the thermostat to, thanks Phil.

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