HE114C eCOHeat 1kw 14" Low Power Immersion Heater

Product Code: HE114C

This is a 1kw, 14inch immersed length Incoloy Immersion Heater complete with combined (operating & safety cut-out) plug-in thermostat and can be used within both vented and unvented hot water cylinders. This product is aimed at a low load applications where limited energy is available such as renewable applications in conjunction with Solar panels, Ground Source and Air Source heat pumping and in Marine applications such as such as Calorifiers. The eCOHeat can be used in all standard domestic water areas including normal use in hard water areas susceptible to limescale. If particularly aggressive water conditions are present or the duty/usage is higher than normal then we would recommend a low watts density or a titanium element version which can be priced and manufactured on request.

The Cotherm TSE00187 dual function thermostat is supplied with this immersion heater – see our “Thermostats & Controls” section for more details and to purchase these products as spares items.

Installation Instructions for HE114C can be found here.

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Additional information

Sheath Material

Incoloy 800

Head Size (BSP)


Thermostat Type

Cotherm TSE

Stat Inches


Element Diameter (mm)


Voltage (V)


Secondary Protection


Length (mm/Inch)


Loading (kW)



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