HE127A eCOHeat 1kw 27" Low Power Immersion Heater

Product Code: HE127A

This is a 1kw, 27inch immersed length Incoloy Immersion Heater complete with combined (operating & safety cut-out) plug-in thermostat and can be used within both vented and unvented hot water cylinders. This product is aimed at a low load applications where limited energy is available such as renewable applications in conjunction with Solar panels, Ground Source and Air Source heat pumping and in Marine applications such as such as Calorifiers. The eCOHeat can be used in all standard domestic water areas including normal use in hard water areas susceptible to limescale. If particularly aggressive water conditions are present or the duty/usage is higher than normal then we would recommend a low watts density or a titanium element version which can be priced and manufactured on request.

The Cotherm TSE00187 dual function thermostat is supplied with this immersion heater – see our “Thermostats & Controls” section for more details and to purchase these products as spares items.

Installation Instructions for HE127A can be found here.

How to Measure the BSP Thread size of your Immersion Heater:

Once you have measured the thread, use the table below to select the correct BSP size:

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Q: Hi, Having a 3.25kw solar system installed this week. No immersion heater currently fitted to the cylinder, propose to use one of your low power 1kw units. Cylinder states 57mm connection I am used to BSP is this 1.5 BSP ? Soft water area vented system. could you make a recommendation ? Thanks Phil.
— Asked by Phil Jones on November 4, 2015
A: Hi Phil It is most likely going to be a 1¾" BSP or 2"BSP thread size, 1¾" BSP measures around 54mm and 2"BSP measures around 59mm could you just check to see which dimension your boss is closest too and we can recommend a heater for you.
Q: How much would a bespoke 1kw 2.5" headsize cost and how long would it take to get it supplied? Thanks
— Asked by Oskar Kraftl on May 10, 2016
A: Afternoon Oskar, we can supply a 2¼" BSP and then supply an adapter, Please contact us for more information, Regards, Phil.
Q: Hello, I wonder if you can help me? Why would I want to get a 1 kw element? I have a 4kw set of panels, that can generate 3.8 kw in full sun with a 1Boost. What would be the advantage of using a 1kw element? Thanks for your help, pls excuse the naieve question. Mike.
— Asked by Mike Lee on May 25, 2016
A: Afternoon Mike, If you are producing 3.8kW then there would be no need to have a 1kW unless you have a battery backup so you can put the power in as an when needed. Otherwise you would only be using 1kwh from panel that produce 3.8kwh so the other 2.8kwh would be wasted unless this can be stored and used elsewhere, Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: Can I get a 1. kw immersion in other sizes? Like ceszb 340 , cestb 340 for example. Regards, Eamon
— Asked by Eamon Lynskey on August 5, 2016
A: Morning Eamon, Thank you for your question, we do a HE127C which has the 1¾"BSP, please ring 0161 727 3713 for P&A, Regards, Phil.
Q: Hello, your above item descripion is very good. I know what a thermostat does but I am not sure what you mean by the "thermostat dual function" Maybe when you get a minute perhaps could explain. Thank you, Regards, Gary
— Asked by Gary McArdle on November 24, 2016
A: Afternoon Gary, Thank you for your question, and for the positive comments, when we say dual stat, we mean it functions as both temperature adjustment and safety cut out, I hope this helps, if not, just give us a ring, Regards, Phil.
Q: Can this be used to replace a standard 3kW immersion heater in a regular hot water cylinder or is the hole size and thread different?
— Asked by Rod White on September 18, 2020
A: It will depend on what cylinder you have, as the thread sizes can vary depending on vented/unvented and cylinder manufacturers. Kind regards, Hayley
— http://Hayley%20Ashford

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