Sunvic VKL2201 Sunvic VKL2201

Product Code: ST-000

Single Function Rod / Stem Thermostat with adjustable operating trip.

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Thermostat Type

16Amp/240v Single Phase Rod / Stem Thermostat


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Q: Hi, Is the bimetallic strip in the head of the stat or in the prong? If so could I cut the prong to size? Cheers Paul.
— Asked by Paul Taylor on May 10, 2016
A: Afternoon Paul, The bimetallic strip should be in the head which would cause the cut out of the stat, and I would strongly advise against opening up the prong or cutting it down as this could corrupt the correct temp range, I would suggest you purchase a small stat, this stat however has no safety cut out as it's a control stat only, so it has an in-bar in the rod which senses the temperature, Kind Regards, Phil.

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