Sunvic VKL3305 (supersedes VKL3301) Single Function Rod / Stem Thermostat

Product Code: ST-410

The VKL 3000 is a one shot temperature sensor that not only controls the water temperature in a hot water cylinder by switching the power off and on to an electric immersion heater but also cuts the power to the should the water temperature rise to an unsafe level. This unit supersedes the previous model VKL3301)

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SKU: ST-410.

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Preset Temp

40-70°C Cut Out 81°C

Length Inches


Thermostat Type

16Amp/240v Single Phase Rod / Stem Thermostat


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Q: What diameter is the rod and does it run into the housing flush or is there a fitting coming out of the housing the rod fits into, if so what is the diameter of the fitting, this is needed for an ancient piece of book binding equipment to monitor the glue pot temp. our faulty has an 11" rod that is mounted to an 11/ 16" fitting on the back of the thermostat do you have something similar ? Thank you Roger C.
— Asked by Roger Colling on September 1, 2015
A: Hi Roger, Thank you for your question, it is around 7.5mm in diameter, the thermostat slides into a stat pocket tube which is 8.3mm, If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us, Thanks, Phil.

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