T11AN 3kw 11" Immersion Heater

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This product has now been superseded by the SH311A-AA1CA1 2¼” 3kw 11″ Immersion Heater (AESTB327)

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Sheath Material

Head Size (BSP)

Thermostat Type

Stat Inches

Element Diameter (mm)

Voltage (V)

Secondary Protection

Length (mm/Inch)

Loading (kW)


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Q: We need to replace our immersion heater on our Ecodan boiler, which states its an T11/AN 3kw immersion heater, can you confirm that if I purchase the AESTB327 that this will be the correct part and will fit in the same hole? Kind regards Becky
— Asked by Rebecca Murray on May 5, 2016
A: Morning Becky, It has the same BSP, KW rating and length so yes it should be a suitable replacement, Kind Regards, Phil.

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