T14ATS 3kw 14" Immersion Heater

Product Code: T14ATS

This is a 3kw, 14inch Titanium Immersion Heater complete with operating rod thermostat (SS7) and separate safety manual reset cut-out. Installed products will carry the Shel-Nibe brand which is part of the Nibe group to which both Shel and Heatrod both belong. The T14ATS can be used in all standard domestic water areas however is primarily aimed at use in very hard water areas susceptible to limescale and aggressive water conditions.

Installation Instructions for T14ATS can be found here.

£40.80 £34.00 (ex VAT)

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Q: Hello. I am buying an RM Stelflow Stainless Steel cylinder. Will this be a suitable upgrade for this tank material from the standard Incoloy one? Thanks
— Asked by Jared jackson on April 7, 2015
A: Hi Jared, The T14ATS will give you a longer life than the standard Incoloy immersion, especially if you are in a hard water area, due to a higher corrosion resistance. If you have any more queries, please feel free to contact us. Regards, Doug
Q: Hello. I am trying to obtain a Titanium 14" immersion heater for a stainless cylinder I am to buy but I am struggling to find one as both RM and Telford cylinders are 1 3/4" bsp. Thanks
— Asked by Jared jackson on April 8, 2015
A: Hi Jared, Thanks for the enquiry. We have a 1 3/4"bsb, titanium, 14" immersion length heater. Part no. CESZB335, 1 week for delivery, price is £46.00 + £12.00 carriage. If you wish to place the order please ring our office
Q: Hi, I'm looking for a 1 1/2 bsp immersion heater, can you help please thanks Paul
— Asked by paul cook on May 8, 2015
A: Hi Paul, We offer - DESZB 327 1.5"BSP TITANIUM 11" £46.00, £12.00 CARRIAGE +VAT OR DESZB 340 1.5"BSP TITANIUM 14" £46.00, £12.00 CARRIAGE +VAT 7-10 DAYS ON BOTH. Regards, Doug.
— http://Doug%20Baron

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