Thermowatt RTS-3 181348 (blue dial) Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat

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Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat from the RTS3 range with adjustable trip and safety cut-out. Both functional and safety cut-out are bi-polar with bimetallic disc. This unit is depicted by a blue adjustment dial.


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Q: How many watt is the heating element in Thermowatt RTS 3 181317, 16A 250V
— Asked by Mr. Ra on April 1, 2015
A: Hi The Thermowatt RTS-3 is a thermostat that can be used in varying immersion heaters with varying wattage's. There should be a part number around the side of the terminal cap this will give me the information with regards to the wattage. Thanks Mark
Q: I have a Thermowatt thermostat similar to above only with a yellow adjustment dial - is the blue one a higher temperature rating? I am needing a higher tank temperature than 65.
— Asked by Deryck South on February 15, 2016
A: Morning Deryck, thank you for your question, The yellow version of the RTS (3412042) has a different cut out (70°C), Kind Regards, Phil.
Q: with a thermowatt stem thermometer what is the maximum temperature thermostat I can get can only see one rts-3 that max op70 cut out 85 ideally I need closer to 100 thanks
— Asked by james frankpitt on November 24, 2016
A: Afternoon James, we have one that goes upto 90 which is ST-307, if not, just give us a ring, Regards, Phil
Q: what is the maximum operating temperature version of these thermostats can I get or could I use another model also with a small diammater rod thanks
— Asked by james framkpitt on November 24, 2016
A: Afternoon James, The ST-305 goes up to 85 degrees, the ST-307 goes upto 90, Kind Regards, Phil.

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