Thermowatt RTS-3 3412042 (yellow dial) Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat

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Technical data

– 11″ length
– preset temp: 65°C Max Op Trip, 70°C Safety
– double pole
– dual function


Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat from the RTS3 range with adjustable trip and safety cut-out. Both functional and safety cut-out are bi-polar with bimetallic disc. This unit is depicted by a yellow adjustment dial.

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Weight 0.1 kg
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Q: Hi, Am interested in buying this item. Do you ship to USA? What would be the total cost, including shipping? Thank you. Robert Gray
— Asked by robert gray on September 8, 2014
A: We do ship to the USA, this would have to be done over the phone as we have no payment method for shipping out of the UK. For this item the shipping cost would be £42.00 + VAT
Q: Thermowatt RTS-3 3412042 (yellow dial) Request for information if you supply this spare part even after Austria (8160 Weiz). If so, how much would the shipping cost. Thanks in advance for your message and greetings E. Fischer
— Asked by Edmund Fischer on September 8, 2014
A: We do supply this as a spare part, and it can be shipped globally. The shipping costs to Austria are £26.00.

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